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BM Home Improvements (Roofing)

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Whether you are a homeowner or the director of a big business, when you need a roofer Huddersfield or the surrounding areas, it is important to choose a workforce you can rely on. At BM Home Improvements (Roofing), in Huddersfield, our roofing contractor possess a great deal of trade experience, and deal with all aspects of domestic, commercial, and industrial roofing. We are a family-run small business that is committed to accompanying our top-quality work with complete support services and highly competitive prices.

Contact our roofing specialists now, to receive more information related to our roofing work.We can take care of any project and have expertise in this particularly with local authority schemes where they may wish us to act as the principle contractor supervising, decorators, window fixers, joiners, bricklayers, plumbing companies and electrical installers.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team of Huddersfield roofers provide a quality driven service which reflects excellent craftsmanship and cost effective solutions, responsive to our clients individual needs and our expertise with all areas of industrial roofing ensures our position as leaders in the field of commercial roofing throughout Huddersfield.

Design & Planning

BM Home Improvements (Roofing)

Domestic Roofing Services in Huddersfield

Ensuring a Well-built Roof over Your Head in Huddersfield – Even the smallest fracture or leak in your roof structure has the potential to cause irreparable damage to your home. At BM Home Improvements (Roofing) we offer homeowners and landlords the very best quality of domestic roofing services. From emergency repairs to fully guaranteed re-roofs, our seasoned roofer Huddersfield has the solution to your issue.

An Initial Estimate – Not everyone has a complex understanding of roofing, which makes figuring out troubles difficult. When customers get in touch with our roofers, we will go over the symptoms of their roofing trouble, and use our expertise to advise upon a solution and give a verbal estimate for the work. The cost, however, is subject to change after an on-site survey has been concluded.

Identifying and Resolving Faults – Upon visiting your location we are able to perform a fault finding assessment to determine the specific repairs required. Our honest roofers will then proceed to provide a professional opinion for the matter, and how best to resolve it. It is always our priority to complete the most effective repair that is also in the best fiscal interests of the client.


Regulations & Compliance

BM Home Improvements (Roofing)

Our Roofing Services Include:

Flat Roofing in Huddersfield

Our company offers 3 styles of flat roofing which our workforce have complete confidence in. These are modern techniques and materials that are proven to provide our customers with a sound investment. Our work is reliable, comes fully guaranteed and also raises the modern aesthetic of any property. So if you’re looking for flat roofing, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Felt Roofing in Huddersfield

Our skilled roofer Huddersfield is able to replace or repair your felt roof quickly and proficiently, where ever you are in Huddersfield. You will find that every job we undertake is cost-effective and we only use premium quality products to industry standards. Whether you need a minor repair or a new felt roofing installation we can help.

Slate Roofing in Huddersfield

Natural slate can become a major factor in a building’s entire life costs, which is important since environmental issues are moving to the forefront in all aspects of construction. A natural slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, if laid properly. The other big plus to natural slate is that it is sustainable, and can be salvaged and re-used.

Fibreglass Roofing in Huddersfield

Fibreglass roofing is totally water-tight and gives a very effective, hard-wearing protective coverins, ideal for both large commercial properties to smaller domestic ones. Whatever your needs, our qualified team have the skills and experience necessary to guide you on the best fitting roofing method.

Roof Repairs in Huddersfield

Eliminate your concerns over leaking roofs, damages, and general repair by contacting us for your free quotation. If patch repairs are repeatedly necessary, it could be time for your roof to be re-covered. It is difficult for a beginner to gauge whether a new roof is necessary. If you want advice about the soundness or basic safety of your roof, contact BM Home Improvements (Roofing) for our professional opinion or for a survey.

Commercial Roofing Huddersfield

Our Huddersfield roofers undertake various types of commercial roofing projects. All of our work is carried out to the current building regulations and guidelines, we can guarantee a service of excellence.

Commercial property owners have trusted our reliable roofing services in Huddersfield for many years. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed from the start to the end of every commercial roofing project.

New Build Commercial Roofing Huddersfield

Whatever type of commercial roofing project you have in mind whether its natural slates, standing seam, single ply, fibre cement, composite panelling, steel clad, built in felt system or GPR roofing, BM Roofers Huddersfield can help. We can also cater you with a quotation for the complete project which includes roof lights, safety netting, cladding, and steelworks.

We are available throughout the day to answer an questions or enquiries you have. Call us on 01482 736155.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to sustain it’s value and performance, whatever the age and style of your commercial roof, maintenance is very important to retain its validity. Drainage maintenance and roof cladding are contracted with a regular inspection for the roof, roof lights, wall cladding and rainwater products to avoid the cause of damage by roof leaks.

There’s no roof that lasts a lifetime, but with the help of Huddersfield Roofers, commonly know as the best roofing contractors in Huddersfield, we are able to provide regular and affordable roofing maintenance.

Call us today and we will be happy to give you our experts roofing advice to help you with your commercial roofing needs.

Roof Repairs Huddersfield

To avoid the potential water damage, you need your roof to perform at it’s best. It also needs to maintain its shape over the years to work at it’s best. When damage occurs in your roof is left unattended the damage can trigger serious issues, making what would have been a simple fix, a major job.

Early signs of roof damage you should keep an eye out for:

Sagging or Dips in the Roof
If your roof starts to sag, even in smaller areas then immediate action must be taken before it turns into a much larger problem. Sagging indicates severe damage in the roof, commonly caused by poor maintenance or storm damage.

Damaged or Missing Shingles
If your shingles are missing or they are manifesting some signs of wear and tear, there is likely a water damage afoot. Whatever the cause of the issue, our team of roofers in Huddersfield will be able to replace and repair your shingles.

Damage to Flashing
Materials like steel or aluminum that secures the roof joints is critical to prevent your home from water damage. If the flashing is dented, bent, or cracked, it must be repaired.

Cracks and Splits
Cracks and splits in the roofing system is often shown by the age of the roof. In some cases the whole roof will need replacing, but if the damage is small, then a simple roof repair fix will suffice.

Leaks or Water Damage
If you see any signs of water damage, typically at the ceiling and walls, it is very likely that there is a problem with your roofing system, it should be seen to as soon as possible to avoid the risk of further damage.

Domestic Roofing Huddersfield

For any of your domestic roofing needs in Huddersfield, you can count on Huddersfield Roofers with our trusted reputation. By working with us you are guaranteed to receive the highest standard of workmanship.

Our roofers are fully qualified and experienced so for any of your domestic roofing needs Huddersfield Roofers are the best roofing company to call.

Furthermore, our comprehensive roof repair process allows us to quickly and efficiently repair your roof before it turns into a larger problem.

Because we have been established for many years, you are guaranteed to receive the most practical and honest domestic roof repair knowledge available. Our repair process is simple hence our fair prices.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive domestic roofing services:

Flat Roofing
Velux Windows
Roof Repairs
Chimney Restoration
Repair and Installation of Guttering
Asphalt, Slates and Clay Tiles Roofing

Our dedication and determination to cater for our customers roofing needs over the years has resulted into some fantastic testimonials which you can read by clicking the link.

Pitched Roofing Huddersfield

People tend to improve and extend their existing homes using a rear, side, single or double story extension. These options are perfect for whatever your plans are to improve your home. Pitched roofs add a great deal of character to your house and can dramatically increase the aesthetics of it.

Existing parts of the roof also need to be taken into account if they are to be incorporated with the new roofing system. Huddersfield Roofers will be able to provide you with the best tailored solution for your circumstances.

Pitched roofing is a part of our portfolio in our bespoke projects. To see how we will help you with your pitched roofing needs, give us a call and we can offer you honest and practical advise.

Our Pitched Roofing Experience

Our team of roofing contractors have a wide range of experience between them, this allows Huddersfield Roofers to deliver exceptionally high standards of work and pitched roofing projects.

With the help of of our skilled tradesmen and high quality materials our jobs are always completed on time without compromising quality.

We take pride in every job we undertake, from small extensions to large slate re-roofing projects, Huddersfield Roofers are the most reputable roofing company in Huddersfield.

We always welcome questions, so if you have a pitched roofing project in mind feel free to call Huddersfield Roofers on 01482 736155.

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